Notre Fidele Ami

Friday, April 18, 2014


"What's In A Name"
Many times I've been ask how Patriot got his name....was he named for the Boston Patriots football team, is usually the first question I'm ask. 
No...I tell them, Patriot was named for a returning Iraqi war veteran, a real live hero...a Patriot!  
Michael Jernigan & his guide dog Brittani
 Michael's mother named Patriot in honor of her son.  
Patriot and I had the pleasure of meeting Michael this past year, when he was the guest speaker for The Villages Walkathon Kick Off event. What a motivational speaker he is!!!
"Our first meeting"




Friday, August 23, 2013



Patriot is enjoying his career change from a working Guide Dog to an Ambassador Dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs.  He plays the "Show & Tell Dog" at the Presentations for Southeastern Guide Dogs, he is definitely the best visual aid I have! 
Patriot has perfected the art of schmoozing!!!
 Handsome As Ever
As you can see he is healthy and  thriving and such a good boy! 
 Patriot will occasionally attend the Tri-County Puppy Raisers obedience class, he loves playing "catch me if you can" with the puppies in training   :)
More adventures to come! 

Monday, May 27, 2013


 Patriot 1Z10 an Ambassador Dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs, attended Memorial Day Services in The Villages, while wearing his patriotic red, white and blue collar, in honor of those who gave their all.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ambassador Dog Patriot
After being medically cleared, Patriot officially came out of retirement and began working (part-time) for his favorite organization "Southeastern Guide Dogs"  On March 13, Jen Gerrity Trainer for Southeastern, evaluated and administered the CGC (AKC"s Canine Good Citizen) test. Patriot passed first time around.."Good Dog"

In his first official outing, Patriot represented Southeastern Guide Dogs at The Book Worms Book Club meeting, there were 95 members in attendance. Patriot loved all of the attention, he did well in a crowd and was not bothered by the applause. I must say he looked handsome in his Ambassador coat, in fact I saw him prancing a couple time!
I think he likes this part-time job!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Patriot 1Z10 returned "RFF" Returned From Field to Southeastern Guide Dogs due to a medical issue.  After treatment, Patriot being the smart dog that he is, decided he was ready for retirement from guide dog work.
Where you ask would a guide dog retire to? A retirement community of course!  What better one than "The Villages" Florida....well known for its retirees and their love of dogs.
Patriot has been welcomed with open arms, especially by his family, also now known as his "Forever Home."  After a few weeks of R&R his status may be changed to semi-retired...if he so chooses!
Welcome home Patriot!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Monday, October 29th is Patriot's
2nd Birthday
Happy Birthday..Big Boy!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Congratulations Graduating Class #213
JoAnn & guide Hal, Trainer Jonathan, Tracey & guide Rod, Linda & guide Travis, Trainer Karen, Ted & guide Patriot, David & guide Clancy, Trainer Alice, Michael & guide Addy, Dee & guide Suzy, Trainer Chrissy, and Lee & guide J.P.
Watch the Graduating Class on Youtube...It is awesome! It's performed by the trainers, starring Class #213