Notre Fidele Ami

Friday, January 20, 2012


Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. relies 100% on private donations, receives no government funding and doesn't charge their students a dime for their services!  Along with "Patriot" we ask that you PLEASE help us support this great cause by going to:

or by donating directly by mail, in Patriots name to:
Southeastern Guide Dogs
Walkathon Fundraiser/Patriot
4210 77th Street East
Palmetto, FL  34221

Patriot thanks you for supporting his cause!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On December 10, 2011 we returned Patriot to the Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. school for his formal harness training.

The IFT program that the school had for the Puppy Raisers was wonderful, the speakers were informative and it made the transition of leaving Patriot with them much easier. 

I am impressed with the continued contact from the school, giving us updates on Patriot's well being and accomplishments!  For one year, Patriot was a major part of our lives, it is nice to know that the school understands and appreciates that! 

It has been a month since Patriot returned to the SEGDI for his formal harness training.  I think it goes without saying that we shed a few tears when he left us.  Now, we are at the point that we can smile sweetly when we think of him, no more tears... just best wishes for his new life.  By the way I recently found his stash of milkbones that he had hidden away...  :)  it made me smile!

Today we received word that Patriot has passed his physical, his hip x-rays were "EXCELLENT" and his elbows good.  He will continue on as a Breeder Candidate for the next month being observed for his temperament and overall ability.  We wish him well.... where ever this new life takes him! One thing for sure, a part of our hearts go with him!!! 

Patriot is an exceptional dog, in every way....this we knew from the very beginning.  We are so very proud of him!!!!