Notre Fidele Ami

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Congratulations Graduating Class #213
JoAnn & guide Hal, Trainer Jonathan, Tracey & guide Rod, Linda & guide Travis, Trainer Karen, Ted & guide Patriot, David & guide Clancy, Trainer Alice, Michael & guide Addy, Dee & guide Suzy, Trainer Chrissy, and Lee & guide J.P.
Watch the Graduating Class on Youtube...It is awesome! It's performed by the trainers, starring Class #213 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 I started this blog so Patriot's "Forever Person"would know all about his life, places that he's been, and things that he's done. I've decided to retire this blog and leave it strictly as Patriot's blog!  
We brought Patriot home
 when he was 9 weeks old. 
We returned Patriot back to the
school when he was 15 months old.
On Saturday, September 15th we were invited back for "Puppy Raiser's Day at Southeastern Guide Dogs campus in Palmetto, Florida.  .... our sweet boy is graduating as a Guide Dog in the Class#213, Aug/Sept 2012
We were introduced to Patriot's "Forever Person" Ted McDaniels of Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a wonderful experience watching as Patriot led Ted along "Freedoms Walk"...We were able to spend time with both of them, and truly were overjoyed with the two of them being matched!
Ted &Patriot
What a great team they make, we knew when we left the campus that day.......that we would meet again!
Our family just got bigger :)

Congratulations and enjoy your new life together!!!