Notre Fidele Ami

Friday, July 29, 2011


Patriot is now 9 months old and weighing in at
75 pounds, he's a sweet big boy!

3 Months old

9 Months old
My how he's grown!!

This week his training is going well, due to the heat we've been taking our walks around sunrise and again at sunset.  During the day when we're out and about, I avoid any blacktop areas (definitely hot on the paws)

Patriot taking a needed break
Stopped by "Dunkin Donuts"

Looks inviting

Patriot checking out the ducks

Patriot being very observant at the barber shop


Monday, July 25, 2011


I thought we had it bad on July 6, 2011 when asked to leave McDonalds in Tifton, GA Store #33073 at 2002 US HWY 82 West because we had a guide dog, but the story on Fox News about a Mom with a service dog was punched by a McDonalds boss was disgusting! Check it out:

Saturday, July 23, 2011


     We're back home and returning to our routine.  Patriot did well on the trip, he's an excellent traveler and very curious about new things.

     Special thanks to Jeld-Wen Corporation in Wedowee, Alabama for making it possible to expose Patriot to many new experiences. Unlike McDonald's, Jeld-Wen was very welcoming.  We enjoyed the tour of the plant and meeting everyone.  Thanks to Jim and Andrew Hall for taking us out on the boat, It didn't take long for Patriot to get his sea legs.

Patriot's first boat ride

Comfortable enough to sleep on the moving boat

     The boat ride and visit to the museum was icing on the cake!  Thank you Jeld-Wen for acknowledging the important service of these professionally trained guide dogs.

Back to talking about icing on the cake, Ms. Lois of "Sweet Thangs Bakery" hospitality was heartwarming.  Patriot loved the attention and the royal treatment he received!!

We stayed on a 27 acre wooded property, Patriot thought he was a bloodhound that had died and gone to heaven.  He did well walking through the woods, on gravel roads and boat docks, his senses were on overload.  While there he experienced a rather large thunder storm, he did excellent, the hunters in the area did not seem to have any effect on him...."Good dog"....pat pat

Got up close and personal with "Yellow Cat" a 5 week old kitten, wish we would have had more time to give to this exposure. He seems to adjust well to new things, and that is a "GOOD" thing!

Patriot enjoyed the time spent with two of his favorite people.

Bri and Patriot

Em and Patriot
They received his undivided attention, he's great with the kids..."GOOD DOG"....pat pat

Monday, July 18, 2011


While on vacation we stopped for lunch at a McDonalds in Tifton, Georgia. We ordered our food, payed for it, found a booth and proceeded to have our lunch.  Patriot was in coat, on his best behavior and performing a under/down to perfection. We had half-eaten our meal when approached by an McDonald employee and told that we had to leave the restaurant "because of Patriot!"
We threw our food in the garbage, my husband then took Patriot to the car while I waited to speak to the Manager.  After 10 minutes, the Manager of store #33073, Carmen came out of her office and informed me that "NO" dogs, regardless if they're service dogs or not are not permitted in her restaurant!
I think some sensitivity training is in order here, along with a course on State laws concerning service animals!
Needless to say, we will no longer frequent McDONALDS!!!

How can you say "NO" to any one of these noble service animal?

Discrimination in any form is SAD!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Patriot is home from "Puppy Camp" and has made the readjustment well.

Patriot and Rex trading places 
Patriot is now 8 months old and weighing over 70 pounds, he is going to be a big boy!  When we picked him up from camp I was awe-struck how handsome he is, his coat shines like patten leather.  I think it must be the Royal Canin dog food that he eats, "Good stuff"
Patriot at the War Memorial

Patriot at the DAR Memorial

 Patriot knows his commands for his age group and performs them well, we're still working on our leash issues though.  There are times Patriot still wants to be in control and his alter ego Dr. Jekyll appears, thank goodness those times are becoming less frequent!

We are leaving for Alabama on vacation for a couple weeks, Patriot will be going with us and experiencing many new adventures.We'll be taking lots of photos to share with you and hopefully be able to update the blog along the way.  We will be staying in a home that has a cat and kittens...I can see it all now....Oh my!!

Wishing everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July

Computer Gremlins

We're having computer issues, hope to have them resolved by the weekend.  Patriot is home from "Puppy Camp" and is doing well.