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Monday, May 16, 2011


Getting ready for Memorial & Flag Day

Patriot is now six months old, is 59lbs and still growing.  He is now considered a "teenager" 
 Oh my!  Like any other thoroughbred, he is spirited and has attitude.  That being said, big improvements are evident when it comes to his walking on a leash.  We are both now beginning to enjoy our walks, there for a while I never thought that day would come.
Our goal is four miles a day, so far we're at three and counting. While on our walks, anything the wind blows Patriot thinks is fair game.  He can spot an acorn, cigarette butt or leaf fifty feet away,  needless to say, we stop often to do a mouth search.
Our last class was was May 14th at Altamonte Springs, where the 2nd Annual Dog games with Humans was held.

Patriot playing "Simon Says"

Orlando Puppy Raisers
2nd Annual Dog Games with Humans

All of the dogs were awarded Gold Medals

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