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Friday, July 1, 2011


Patriot is home from "Puppy Camp" and has made the readjustment well.

Patriot and Rex trading places 
Patriot is now 8 months old and weighing over 70 pounds, he is going to be a big boy!  When we picked him up from camp I was awe-struck how handsome he is, his coat shines like patten leather.  I think it must be the Royal Canin dog food that he eats, "Good stuff"
Patriot at the War Memorial

Patriot at the DAR Memorial

 Patriot knows his commands for his age group and performs them well, we're still working on our leash issues though.  There are times Patriot still wants to be in control and his alter ego Dr. Jekyll appears, thank goodness those times are becoming less frequent!

We are leaving for Alabama on vacation for a couple weeks, Patriot will be going with us and experiencing many new adventures.We'll be taking lots of photos to share with you and hopefully be able to update the blog along the way.  We will be staying in a home that has a cat and kittens...I can see it all now....Oh my!!

Wishing everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July

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