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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"We miss that sweet boy"

It's been 4 months since we returned Patriot back to Southeastern Guide Dogs for his formal training.  We cannot express our gratitude to Southeastern Guide Dogs for all of the updates and photos of Patriot.  They have been there the whole way to anwser our questions and guide us through the process.   Can you tell, that we are first time raisers? :) 
"Patriot 1Z10".....So Regal!

"Patriot 1Z10" formal harness photo

Patriot's latest trainers evaluation:

 Patriot still does not like walking through otherwords, he's a puddle jumper ...

TRAINER COMMENTS: Patriot is a happy, sweet dog.  We are still  working on our underfooting issues as well as concern over puddles, but we are having fun freelancing and exploring new territory.  He is doing a great job and we are having lots of fun getting new places together.   "I love this trainer!"

Patriot 1Z10 has his own brick in Southeastern Guide Dogs Freedom Courtyard.
We thought it only appropriate to honor him for his upcoming service in guiding his "Forever Person" along Freedom Courtyard, and then as a team along lifes path.

"What an Awesome Dog!"

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