Notre Fidele Ami

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Patriot is now in his final polishing stage at Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Oh how he shines :)  He is now waiting for the match with his "Forever Person."

Patriot's latest training report:

Patriot is such a happy dog.  While some dogs seem to take a while to bond, Patriot seems overjoyed to accept love from anyone at anytime. His work is impressive, although other dogs do sometime distract him from the task at hand (in a happy excited way) I have really enjoyed getting to know him this past month.

Patriot's trainer is so right, he is a happy dog, he even wags his tail while sleeping!  In his latest training report, the trainer says:
"he's overjoyed to receive love from anyone," this is true! He also is overjoyed to give love to anyone.

  Patriot exudes love!

What a wonderful companion he'll be to his "Forever Person."

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