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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today Patriot turns 5 months old and weighs in at 48 lbs. He's out grown his puppy coat and is now in his big boy coat.

Patriot at 5 months

What a difference three months makes

Patriot at 2 months

Patriot at 5 months

What a sweet boy he is.....except for obedience classes, there he does his Dr. Jekyll impersonations.  We haven't figured that one out just yet!  Probably a combination of things, his age, too many distractions and he gets tired  and  then cranky with me yanking his leash and telling him "NO".  We get in the car to go home and he's back to his sweet self....hmmm

Patriot's class toured the Port Orange, Florida Fire Dept., Fireman Pete did an exceptional job with the dogs!

Patriot & Fireman Pete

Patriot's class at Port Orange Fire Dept

Practicing commands

We have experienced a turning point in our walks, the're much more enjoyable and now something we both look forward to!  I would say Patriot has improved 75% on the leash, we're now getting some slack in the leash and he's no longer trying out for the Iditarod. 
"GOOD DOG"  pat....pat

On our walks Patriot still wants to pick up things in his mouth, this morning was no exception.  Patriot manage to pick up a piece of tree bark, I told him "NO" and low and behold he spit it out, that was a first!   Maybe it tasted bad.....I perfer to believe he was following a command....."Patriot, you made me proud"
 "GOOD DOG"  pat....pat

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