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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Southeastern Unleashed Seminar was held on the SEGDI campus for (AC)Area Coordinators, and for the first time
(PR)Puppy Raisers were invited to attend.  We toured the campus, including the new Veterinary Clinic.  The amount of money and time that is saved by having their own Clinic and Vet is enormous.  No longer is it necessary to transport the dogs off campus to have x-rays, spaying/neutering, blood workups, teeth cleaning, etc. done.
If you haven't visited the campus, take a virtual tour on their website:


X-ray room

Surgical Room

Lab Area

Campus Walk
Patriot and I had the opportunity to walk the campus, we observed several students working with their dogs.  It was then that the realization hit, someday it will be Patriot that will be leading a student here on campus.  That realization has made me focus more then ever on his training, knowing that someone will be depending on him for their safety and independence.

As part of the seminar the trainers at SEGDI held an Obedience Class, shared some training tips with us, along with a Q and A session, very informative!  I came away from the seminar more confident in my ability to train Patriot, learning that I need to focus on one problem at a time.  When that problem is solved, then go on to the next.  Right now, my focus is getting Patriot to walk without his pulling and straining on the leash.

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