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Saturday, February 12, 2011


The following photos are of Patriot hanging out at home and taking time to be a puppy.

Patriot at 9 weeks and 17 lbs

Patriot at 14 weeks
See how I grow...32 pounds
 Such a handsome pup!
Checking himself out in the mirror

Patriot rings his bells when he needs to go outside.
"GOOD DOG" ....pat pat

Likes to play hunting dog

Multi tasking:
Sunbathing & Gecko guarding

When we attend obedience class, Patriot has a Jekyll & Hyde streak, the last two classes, Dr Hyde has been in attendance  :(

Following photos are from the Feb. 11, 2011 obedience class

The youngest puppies of the class were let off leash in a enclosed tennis court.  It was interesting watching the interaction, Patriot has a dominant personality. I think my work is cut out for me....... hummmmmm

Patriot, Clem and Shirley 
Clem & Shirley playing in a puddle

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