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Friday, February 25, 2011


Patriot has been to small coffee shops and outdoor cafes before, so this week was his first visit to a large restaurant.  It was a buffet with wonderful aromas, along with many people moving about.  He did pretty good, he occasionally had to be reminded what he was suppose to be doing, but I think he did well for a fifteen week old puppy.

Saturday, Feb.19, 2011   Our obedience class outing was held at the Sanford Mall, we practiced using elevators, stairs, and our under/downs at the food court. Patriot did fairly well most of the obedient exercise and then for whatever reason, he lost his focus.....Dr. Jekyll appeared!  Patriot wanted no part of his leash or the exercises, he acted the same way when the area coordinator took control of his leash.  I am making a concerted effort to watch what triggers this behavior.  At fifteen weeks it could be his age, attention span, distractions, thirst (he was panting) or just plain tired and cranky and not wanting to take orders! How is it that a puppy can be soooooo good and also soooooo ornery?

Puppy Kisses

Some of the family were in visiting for the weekend, it was their first time meeting Patriot, I think they were amazed how good he behaved. It was love at first sight between Patriot and our granddaughter Abby.

Playing Hold & Give

Monday, Feb.21, 2011  Time for Patriot's Vet appointment with Dr. David Gunderson of Lake Square Animal Hospital in Leesburg, Florida.   Patriot weighed in at 37 pounds, all of his final vaccinations were given and he is now "street legal"   Dr. "G" said Patriot is a normal healthy puppy who is teething and is experience the terrible twos.

Dr."G", his assistant & Patriot

 Wednesday, Feb.23, 2011  Patriot's first visit to Publix grocery store and Mulberry Shopping Mall.  He showed no fear of the shopping carts, or traffic.  We took time to just sit on a bench and observe the surroundings.  He did well!

Thursday, Feb.24, 2011  Took Patriot on the golf cart to a nearby pond, we watched while people were feeding the ducks and birds.  He was very observant and interested, but, he held his sit/stay.
"GOOD DOG"....pat pat
Went on to Ace Hardware, he did well (short in & out, floors were very slippery) then off to Crispers for lunch.
Under/down at Crispers
Someone's tired so it's home for a nap.  Later this evening our golf group, (16 couples and 1 black Labrador) will be dinning at Red Lobster :) this should be fun!

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  1. Patriot is one handsome little guy! Hopefully with some time, patience and maturity the Dr. Jekyll’s side will disappear:)! Sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job with him!