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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Patriot had his first bath today, it was an experience for both of us!  He "did not" care for the hand held sprayer, so I reverted to wetting him down with a pitcher of water, also rinsing him off the same way. Using the hand held sprayer is something we'll gradually work into using baby steps or should I say puppy steps.

Overall I think he liked the experience, he reminded me of a wet baby seal.

He did enjoy the towel dry after the bath, but the hair dryer on low he wasn't quite sure of.  At this point, grabbing the end of the toilet paper in his mouth he escaped from the bathroom and proceeded to rip roar through the house.  What a clown!

Brushing his teeth, now that's another story, he reluctantly submitted to the process.  Thank goodness for tie downs or he would have been out of there!  The toothpaste is made especially for dogs and claims to have a chicken flavor, Patriot wasn't buying it.  Sooo I tasted it myself..........I wouldn't buy it either!

Tonight is ear cleaning, the thought of this cause visions of havoc to pass before my eyes! 

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