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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Patriot's offical Southeaster Guide Dog photo taken at 6 weeks

It's been a busy couple of days, Patriot went to the Vets for his 12 week vaccinations. Dr. David Gunderson of Lake Square Animal Hospital in Leesburg, was pleased with his overall condition.  At 12 weeks he now weighs 25.7 lbs and growing, what a handsome pup he is, along with such a great disposition to boot!

On our way home from the Vet's we stopped for lunch at a small restaurant.  Patriot did well, his leash issues are steps.  :)
Putting into practice his down/stay

Tuesdays outing consisted of a visit to Lake Sumter Landing.  We took the handicap ramp down to the wooden walkway along the lake.  Patriot was very curious about everything.  On our way back up we took the stairs, he managed nicely.  Next a walk around the Village's square, stopping at Starbuck's where Patriot was an immediate hit, we were made to feel welcome and invited to come back anytime.

The weather turned bad, so we headed for home, made it before the thunder and lighting started.  We observed Patriot during the storm, he did not over react and that is a good thing! 

"GOOD DOG" pat.....pat

Patriot's Harley colors, a gift from one of his biggest fans

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