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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Saturday the 29th, was the first time the dogs and their handlers were tested to see how they were progressing. Our AC (area coordinator) Jocelyn Hargrove and her obedience assistants, Carl, Betty, and Peggy were very informative with their suggestions, and helpful with their demonstrations. I came away from the class knowing I need to concentrate on giving a command only "ONCE" then if needed, to follow through with a correction.  Keep the command "short and sweet" don't use a sentence when a word or two are more affective.
All ages and levels of dogs together
Spring Valley park, Altamonte Springs, FL
Three youngest dogs in their class, Patriot, Clem, and Shirley
Betty and Peggy instructing the class
Carl's group being instructed in the shade
A much needed recess for the little ones
Patriot, practicing a down stay
Patriot, a walk out on the dock
Patriot, comfortable with his surroundings

Later in the day, Patriot had his first meet and greet the public.  Bill Brown of The Villages, Orange Blossom Lions Club ask if Patriot could participate in their annual "White Cane Day."  The Lions Club's many fund raising activities help support the Southeastern Guide Dogs mission to partner a visually impaired individual and a guide dog.

Bill Brown of the Lions Club, Patriot, and Bonnie
at Spanish Springs in The Villages, FL

It was a good experience for Patriot!  The traffic noise did not seem to effect him, he was confident, no shyness and he really liked the children :)
"GOOD DOG"  pat.....pat

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