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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Patriot sporting his stars and stripes

Patriot had an appointment for his canine flu vaccine this week, the Vet thinks he's a great looking pup and doing well, but feels we need to keep an eye on his weight gain. It's not good for him to gain too quickly, it's hard on the joints, and harder to take off later.  "Weight gain," one more thing we have in common!

The car ride to and from the Vet's went well, he's a born traveler! The photo below shows him on the floor of the passenger area, he's in the tie down mode for safety.

Patriots full of energy! I should have great biceps by the time we get leash management under control.  This is one area that I'm having difficulty with him, looking forward to our first obedience class this weekend.  Crate training and house breaking are going well.  He's in his crate at 10 PM and is good until 5:30 AM.  No winning, no fussing, this is fantastic!  "GOOD DOG" pat...pat

Does well on golf carts

Plays hardy

Great office companion

Naps well

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